V Energy Drink Jumbo Can Straw Holder

V Energy Drink Jumbo Can Straw Holder

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A branded straw dispenser has many functions, but it serves a dual role in restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes. These are used for aesthetic purposes and they also complement the décor of the place, apart from being a much needed functional accessory. Not only in commercial places, these are ideal for your homes also as they would keep your straws at one place. An innovative straw dispenser keeps on display the straws for ease of customers and diners. These prevent the spilling of straws on the counter or on the floors of restaurant or food joints. There are many straw dispensers available in markets but to choose the best that suits one’s requirements is most important. There are many modern styles of dispensers available like retro style, apart from traditional dispensers.

Similarly, Powersource which is one of the leading companies in Australia for promotional merchandise was asked to design a modern straw dispenser. The key requirement of the client was to make a straw dispenser which had simple design so that it was comfortable for diners to take out their drinking straws easily without spilling them here and there. Thus, we created a Jumbo Can Straw Holder which is highly effective and functional, but takes up minimal space in today’s cluttered convenience space. Simple design and easy use of the Jumbo Can Straw Holder has made it one of the most prominent and recognised straw dispenser in the Australian market. It has largely contributed to the effectiveness of the brand and positioning the brand at number 1 position in Australia. The easy pull up handle of the cool straw dispenser makes it convenient for people to pick up straws and to refill the dispenser when empty. These are also ideal for joints which have a large number of young visitors. These dispensers also maintain proper hygiene, as all the straws can be kept at one place neatly.

Inquire about this product now – sales@pwrsce.com

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