Pure Blonde Credit Card Bottle Openers

Pure Blonde Credit Card Bottle Openers

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The inventive Pure Blonde Credit card bottle opener was fashioned to compliment your wallet when you will require a drink. A bottle opener is a small tool that is used to take out the caps from various types of bottles like a plastic bottle, a glass bottle or an aluminium bottle. It is one device that is always needed just before making a toast, but is perhaps the one piece that most people forget carrying with them when necessary. Also, we cannot neglect the reason that the most bottle openers are inconvenient and bulky to carry.

The introduction of this cool bottle opener has made it easier and much more painless for people to travel with, and make use of it. It is moulded with a die-cut opening in the shape of the brand’s logo cue, giving it a customized look. It is simple, clean and very well appreciated by customers for such a truly unique beer brand.

The Credit card branded bottle opener has the following qualities:

  • It is made up of stainless steel, strong enough to unbolt pure blonde beer bottle caps.
  • It is in the dimension of a credit card and can be kept in your wallet making it available anytime you require it.
  • It is thin so it won’t leave your wallet looking bulky.
  • Comes in silver colour which gives it a masculine look and feel. Hence, apt to open Pure Blonde beer bottles.

The credit card unique bottle opener is formed with a “tooth” which clamps on the lid from below; a light sum of force is then essential to be utilized across its axis in order to take away the cap away from the bottle. It would enormously benefit elderly as their fragile hands can’t afford to apply much force to release the bottles.

Inquire about this product now – sales@pwrsce.com

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