JBR Limited Edition Car Tin

JBR Limited Edition Car Tin

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The year 2007 has proved to be miraculous for Dick Johnson racing, as Jim Bean came along and became the major sponsor of this racing team and launched a brand new Dick Johnson Racing fan club to greet their followers in a highly spirited manner. The unit emerged as Jim Beam Racing and with this the new naming privileges grew and lifted the reputation of the entire team and were awarded the best team award in 2007 from V8 super car division. Unique tins with innovative printing technique are largely preferred these days because of their customer appeal.

Background and Description

Amongst the most successful LEP projects of Powersource, a limited edition special “Jim Beam Racing” bourbon whiskey was released. This is an extremely well known limited edition whiskey that almost every connoisseur of the drink has come across. The bottle and the cover tin are in spotless shape, that is new to most people. It has a limited edition label and is packed in a racing car tin that attracts the attention of every single person who has his eyes on it. It has proved to be one of the most successful limited edition pieces. This customized tin shape was moulded and developed by using the latest printing techniques, and has brought up the sales of this fine product significantly.

Usage of Unique Tins

With such innovative and unique tins, that can be customized as per your requirements, it has made it possible to use them in various fields of life today. The work of Powersource Global has attracted accolades in the world market today. Try something like a JBR limited edition car tin for your products and see the difference yourself. By using it, the consumer satisfaction will go up, and the unique tin will boost the look of the place, wherever it is placed.

Inquire about this product now – sales@pwrsce.com

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